University of Evansville Fraternity Recruitment

The University of Evansville is home to six fraternities. Each fraternity may host pre-recruitment events in the weeks leading up to formal recruitment. These events are on-campus or at the fraternity house and are free to attend. Formal recruitment registration for all non-Greek men is available now.

University of Evansville
Interfraternity Council
Ridgway University Center
1800 Lincoln Avenue
Evansville, IN 47722

We look forward to meeting everyone who is interested in the near future and any current questions may be directed at our recruitment chair, Kent Biehle

Why join Sigma Alpha Epsilon?

John Helmerich is an Electrical Engineering Major in his Junior year at the University of Evansville.

“When I went through rush, I noticed quite a few things about SAE that was different. The first thing I noticed was the strong sense of brotherhood that SAE has. I felt like I could walk up to any brother in the house and have a good conversation. That’s why I decided to join Sigma Alpha Epsilon.” –John Helmerich, Junior

Travis Cochren is a Resource Officer at Pike County Middle School. Travis also hold positions within Chemo Buddies and Indiana Epsilon.

“I joined SAE my first semester back to college after completing my military training.  I knew of many brothers before starting my journey at UE, and could see the strong bonds they had established through the Brotherhood within SAE and the impact the chapter had on local community groups.  I joined hoping to experience the lifelong bonds the Brotherhood provides and to be involved in the positive impact SAE philanthropies were having on the community. Oh, and I heard chicks dig Fraternity Men.” –Travis Cochren, Indiana Epsilon Advisory Board Co-Chair

Rick Shipley joined Sigma Alpha Epsilon in 1974. He holds positions in Indiana Epsilon’s Housing Corporation, Alumni Advisory Board, and is the Chapter Advisor.

“Coming to SAE, I connected with several of the members. Then I read the “True Gentleman”, and I thought that it exemplified my father. After experiencing the other chapters and finding out that they did not really have a creed like the “True Gentlemen”, I was sold on SAE. I think learning the “True Gentleman” and trying to apply it and maintain that level of integrity on a daily basis makes you a better person.” –Rick Shipley, Indiana Epsilon Chapter Advisor