John O. Moseley Award for Fraternity Zeal Winners

The John O. Moseley Award for Fraternity Zeal recognizes the chapter that best exemplifies a model chapter in Sigma Alpha Epsilon. This chapter excels in its operations and brotherhood, fulfilling the vision of our Founding Fathers and its members and by living the life of a true gentleman. This chapter goes above and beyond expectations and demonstrates true zeal and excitement for the Fraternity, exhibiting a strong bond of brotherhood.

*Source: John O. Moseley Award for Fraternity Zeal Winner Plaque at Levere Memorial Temple

1956Kentucky EpsilonUniversity of Kentucky
1957West Virginia AlphaMarshall University
1958Ohio EpsilonUniversity of Cincinatti
1959South Carolina PhiFurman University
1960Missouri GammaWestminster College
1961Wisconsin PhiBeloit College
1962Indiana DeltaDepauw University
1963Kansas AlphaUniversity of Kansas
1964Indiana GammaUniversity of Indiana
1965South Dakota SigmaUniversity of South Dakota
1966Tennessee ZetaRhodes College
1967Iowa GammaIowa State University
1968Nebraska Lambda PiUniversity of Nebraska
1969Ohio RhoCase Western Reserve University
1970Pennsylvania Alpha ZetaPennsylvania State University
1970Idaho AlphaUniversity of Idaho
1971California DeltaUniversity of California at Los Angeles
1972Oklahoma MuOklahoma State University
1973Alabama Alpha MuAuburn University
1974Colorado DeltaColorado State University
1975Maryland BetaUniversity of Maryland at College Park
1976Kentucky BetaWestern Kentucky University
1977Minnesota AlphaUniversity of Minnesota
1978Pennsylvania Alpha ZetaPennsylvania State University
1979Wyoming AlphaUniversity of Wyoming
1980Texas ThetaBaylor University
1981Tennessee ZetaRhodes College
1982Pennsylvania ZetaBucknell University
1982Iowa SigmaSimpson College
1983Alabama IotaBirmingham-Southern College
1984Alabama IotaBirmingham-Southern College
1985Mississippi SigmaUniversity of Southern Mississippi
1986South Dakota ThetaSouth Dakota State University
1987Florida SigmaUniversity of West Florida
1988Alabama IotaBirmingham-Southern College
1989Pensylvania ZetaBucknell University
1990Ohio TauMiami University (Ohio)
1990Florida AlphaUniversity of Miami
1991Kentucky BetaWestern Kentucky University
1992Texas ThetaBaylor University
1993Massachusetts DeltaWorcester Polytechnic Institute
1994New York AlphaCornell University
1995South Carolina PhiFurman University
1996Virginia ZetaVirginia Polytechnic Institute
1997Tennessee EtaUnion University
1998Connecticut OmegaYale University
1999New York EpsilonRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
1999Tennessee RhoChristian Brothers University
2000Virginia TauUniversity of Richmond
2001Tennesse BetaMiddle Tennessee State University
2002Oklahoma KappaUniversity of Oklahoma
2003Oklahoma KappaUniversity of Oklahoma
2003Oklahoma MuOklahoma State University
2004New York AlphaCornell University
2005Michigan Delta-OmegaCentral Michigan University
2006Florida AlphaUniversity of Miami
2007Ohio EpsilonUniversity of Cincincatti
2008Louisiana ChiNicholls State University
2009Minnesota AlphaUniversity of Minnesota
2010Illinois Alpha-OmegaLoyola University
2011Indiana EpsilonUniversity of Evansville
2012Illinois Psi-OmegaNorthwestern University
2013Oklahoma MuOklahoma State
2014Florida AlphaUniversity of Miami
2014Louisiana ChiNicholls State University
2015Ohio ThetaThe Ohio State University
2016Ohio EpsilonUniversity of Cincinatti
2016Pensylvania PhiCarnegie Melon University
2017Iowa SigmaSimpson College
2018California Alpha-GammaCalifornia State University at San Marcos
2019Indiana EpsilonUniversity of Evansville
2020Kansas BetaKansas State University
2021Indiana EpsilonUniversity of Evansville